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Utilo is a one stop solution to a number of problems we face in day to day life. For example, Downloading a youtube video, being up to date with a facebook page or twitter handle etc. Utilo uses telegram to communicate with the users. It is a Utility bot which works on telegram. Utilo has a lot of useful functions :

  1. File URL generator
  2. Youtube download and search
  3. Facebook and twitter subscription
  4. If you want to send someone an E-mail without using your E-mail id Utilo can help you in that too.
  5. If you feel bored Utilo can also entertain you with hilarious random Chuck Norris jokes.

This project also won 3rd place in DigitalOcean CloudHack’s online edition !



Using youtube download

Getting Jokes

Sending Mail

Check it out here . If you need some help, just tell me.

Ayush Goyal

Ayush Goyal

A usual guy with unusual dreams.

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