Diwali — The festival of lights

So this Diwali I decided to stay in the campus instead of going home because of low attendance and not having optimum holidays. I thought it would be excellent to stay and enjoy the awesome illumination of IIT Kharagpur, but it turned to be a total disaster. I had some heated arguments with the hall council members on the forced illu duty and power cutting in junior residential blocks which killed the Diwali mood! But in the evening two of my friends Prakhar and Rahul came to my room and we were chilling, and after some time our other friends also joined us, and it lightened my mood, and we decided to go to Park Hotel for drinks and dinner. While we were just reaching Park, someone suggested to go Shergil Dhabha, and that was the best decision of the day.

The place had the typical Dhabha ambience and we enjoyed like hell. But the main reason which motivated me writes this whole thing up was the talk with one of the people there. His name was Sukhwinder Singh. He was a remarkable person. He was the owner of the place and was sitting on the counter. Rahul and I went up to him and casually started talking. He told us he was from Jalandhar and when we asked him when he came to Kharagpur, to our surprise, he remembered the exact date, time, weather and even the car number with which he came here. He told us he was 15 years old when he came to Kharagpur and now his age was around 60–70. He also said that he has three kids, one daughter, and two sons. And all three of them are currently in Melbourne, Australia. That was an amazing thing to hear. He also told us that his dad owns the petrol pump on the other side of the road. He was the most impressive guy I met in a while. He really made this Diwali worth remembering for me.

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