Importance of Things


Today, I was thinking about how quickly and how vastly our priorities, importance of things and people, change over time. Personally, I have seen that one thing which was once very important in my life now is just speck of sand in a desert.

The reason today I started writing about it was very trivial; my end semester examinations commence from tomorrow.I still remember the exam time from my first semester, I was terrified (of course a lot less from the time I was in my high school) mugging up the formulas, solving the tutorial sheets, looking over the solved examples again and again, etc. But today just one day for the examinations, knowing that I have not attended a single class attentively, not even aware of the syllabus, I am Ok! In fact more better than that.

I actually feel that over time our way to perceive “important” things in life changes a lot. One thing which is currently so important to you that you will push yourself more than your limits may be rendered entirely useless in some time. For example, I worked my ass off during the examinations in school, but now when I look back to those grades which I secured in school, they are unquestionably useless, they have zero significance in my life right now. So, the point is should I be worried about anything which is going in my life right now knowing that after some time I will look back and say that it was just waste of time and I could have done something else more productive or enjoyed that time of my life more peacefully?

Now, the significant thing to closely see is that it’s not like those events never actually had any importance, it’s just over the time I am forgetting or don’t want to acknowledge what their significance was. Retaking the example of exams, during those school times, the marks in those exams were essential. Because, if I didn’t study hard, I would not be able to get a good college and which will lead to a low paying job, and thus I will be making compromises at every facet of my life, and the list goes on and on. But now when I am in a good college, I feel those marks are useless.

So, it’s not that nothing is worth the efforts, but after achieving the importance of them, we tend to think of those events as useless. For example, most of the people are worried about exams in college because they know if they fuck these up they are not going to beg a proper placement. But since I know these grades are not going to help me in my placements, so I give zero fucks to the exams. Contrary to my first semester where I had no such backup, so I prepared hard for the exams and was worried too.

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